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It’s time for my Holiday Gift Specials! This one is Valentine’s Day!

At this time of the year, people often give loved ones music lessons as a gift.

Many people either want to study and haven’t, or used to play and would like to again: there are many situations.

The common factor here, is they would like to get some private instruction… but haven’t!

Now is your time to give them the chance to take their musical lives to the next level.

Browse through my teacher pages to see what I do, then get some lessons as a gift!


Here are the specials:

  • Normal rate: $65 / lesson (an hour)
  • Gift Rate #1: $55 / lesson — Buy two lessons (minimum) at $110
  • Gift Rate #2: Same price with a four-lesson package at $220 (Normally $260)
  • Gift Rate #3: A five-lesson package for $275 and you get one free! (This is a good deal.) This applies to anyone paying by or on the 14th and starting before the end of February.

All lessons need to be weekly, at least one a week. (More is always fine.) Until a student is stable with the learning process, it’s easy to get off track when a week is missed. Once someone is grooved in, occasional misses aren’t an issue.


Here are some starting links to see how things work:

Teaching Method
Student Comments


Take advantage of this offer!
(Click here to download and print the gift certificate.)


Marty B.
(818) 242-7551
(And remember that I deliver lessons by phone and Skype to your out-of-town friends and family.)


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